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Will you try to change my mind?

We'd be delighted if you accept the same message we do – we think it will offer you the only chance of lasting, positive change. But we would never force people to accept the message which we have found in the Bible. It's your call, always. We believe wholeheartedly that the


Asking an expert

Sometimes, when you need advice, it often seems easiest just to Google it, ask Alexa or check Wikipedia. If you want to do it the traditional way, you might find a good book on the topic. If you're happy sharing your question with others, you might ask someone – whether face


Can I have lunch with you?

What are you really hungry for? Suppose you've always admired a public figure. You follow them on social media, look out for news and see if they're at any events nearby. When you hear they're coming to your town, you drop everything. It's a dream come true. You feel a connection, even


Who are you?

When did you last need to show ID? Maybe it was in a shop, or gaining entry to your workplace. Perhaps you were travelling. Ever since humans started to leave their local areas, travelling further afield, we've come across new people. Identifying someone is meant to keep you safe, as we


Back to normal?

The rolling headlines about the coronavirus pandemic have been overtaken by attempts at a return to "normality". Getting back to socialising, travel, business and education has never seemed more important. And it's costly to refrain, both from a point of view of morale and finance. In fact, there seem to


About us

Our identity At first, we did not have a name for our group, and there have been many different worldwide communities who have shared our beliefs over the last two thousand years. Although the modern Christadelphian movement originated in the


Light Magazine

Volume 31 No.2 In this issue: Bible symbols - the fig tree The fig is highly valued for its nutritional and health benefits today, but was even more important in Bible times. The fig was the first plant in the Bible with a specific name and is often cited in the

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