Volume 31 No.2

In this issue:

  • Bible symbols – the fig tree

The fig is highly valued for its nutritional and health benefits today, but was even more important in Bible times. The fig was the first plant in the Bible with a specific name and is often cited in the Bible to illustrate the blessings offered to God’s people. Today it’s the national tree of Israel and the Bible associates the fig with that nation in important prophecies.

  • Is peace impossible?

The media is full of terrible things – violent deaths, disasters, famine, war and disease. The Bible explains the cause of all these troubles and also how God plans to bring peace to this war-torn world.

  • The perfect copy

Over and over again the cells in our body copy themselves perfectly, using the details set our in our DNA. The Bible tells us that God was the creator of this wonderful process. He has also given us, in his Son Jesus Christ, a perfect example that we should copy in our daily lives.

  • Signs of the times

According to an author quoted in this article, fear, hate and greed are major issues as we enter the 2020’s. That conclusion agrees with Bible predictions and are a sign that Jesus Christ will soon return to set up a perfect Kingdom which will solve all the world’s problems.

  • Covid-19

No one can now be in any doubt that pandemics, like covid-19, pose very serious social and economic challenges to the world. So it’s reassuring to know that the Bible has a clear message of hope in the coming kingdom of God on earth, in contrast to today’s troubled world. This article explains how this can be your hope too.

  • Moab and Ammon

In the first book of the Bible, Genesis, we are told of the origins of the ancient nations of Moab and Ammon. These nations are frequently referred to in other books in the Bible. Archaeology has proved that the Bible references are correct, giving us reasons to trust all the Bible and what it promises.

  • The development of mankind

Although some people don’t trust the account of Creation referred to regularly throughout the Bible, this article explains how we can understand what it really teaches and have faith to accept it.

  • The Gospel

The phrase ‘The Gospel’  means ‘good news’. That itself should encourage us to learn more about it as it stands out like a beacon of light in a dark world. The Bible explains why it is the best news anyone could possibly hear.

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