Volume 30 No.2

Featured in this issue:

  • The Bible stands the test of time: A remarkable image

A remarkable vision of a metallic image, recorded in the Bible by the prophet Daniel, revealed to the king of Babylon that there was to be a succession of four empires. This was an accurate prediction about God’s plan for the world set out in advance.

  • Bible symbols: Trees

In the Bible, trees are a blessing, providing shelter from the sun, refuge, food and (though unknown to the biblical writers) precious oxygen. They are a gift from God. So it is not surprising that we find a tree used as a symbol of the greatest gift God has in store for mankind.

  • The reality of Christ’s kingdom

Millions of people are familiar with ‘The Lord’s Prayer’; many of us learnt it as children and can recite it by heart. But do we appreciate the full significance of its words? In particular, how do we understand the familiar phrases about the kingdom of God?

  • Basic Bible teaching: The angels

The angels appear at work throughout the Bible in both the Old and New Testament narratives. So, what did they do, what did they look like, and what do they do now?

  • Signs of the times that we live in

The world is full of problems, partly due to dysfunctional governments, and – according to The Economist magazine – “the world is losing the war against climate change”. So it’s comforting to learn from the Bible that God is still in control and that Jesus will soon return. Without this hope we have many reasons to be depressed about our future.

  • Who are the Christadelphians?

We are a religious group who follow the beliefs and teaching of the early Christian church in New Testament times. This involves a return to biblical doctrines and practices as taught by Jesus and his apostles.

Also in this issue:

  • From the Editor: The purpose of this magazine

  • From our mailbag: Clean and unclean food

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