Children being taught
It would be wrong to suggest that becoming a Christian is like joining a chess club!  Nobody would walk into their nearest church and expect to become a member without answering some questions about what they believed.

Similarly, being able to give the ‘right answers’ to those questions does not necessarily indicate that anybody should feel they can call themselves a Christian.  It’s not simply what you know that’s important, it’s how you feel about the facts you read about in the Bible.  Do you honestly think they are true?  Is it something you really believe?

Belief does not usually come suddenly.  It takes time to think about the things the Bible tells us, so that – after a while – we feel comfortable with it’s message.  Because ‘becoming a Christian’ may also involve making some significant changes to the way you conduct your life. It will certainly mean accepting what the Bible tells you, in the same way as small children are expected to take instructions from their parents.

Once you have good reasons to believe what the Bible is telling you, making the life-long commitment that ‘being a Christian’ involves becomes possible.

The Lexicon provides more information about the things Christ taught his followers and the beliefs of the first Christians. The Bible is all you need to discover these things for yourself. These are also the things Christadelphians now believe.


Shown below are some Posts that provide ‘Reasons to Believe’ what the Bible teaches: