Where we are

There are many Dawn Christadelphian groups around the world, known as ecclesias. Here are just some:

Facebook pages for different locations:

Nottingham Christadelphians

Reigate & Banstead Christadelphians (ourselves)

Other Dawn Christadelphian locations with websites:

Alexandria (USA) Ecclesia

About the Dawn Christadelphian Ecclesia in Alexandria, USA

Bramerton Christadelphians

About the Dawn Christadelphians in Bramerton (Norfolk, UK), their history, and upcoming talks and events

Brisbane Christadelphians

About the Dawn Christadelphians in Brisbane, their services and upcoming events

European Christadelphians

Information about the Dawn Christadelphians in multiple European languages

Milton Keynes Christadelphians

About the Dawn Christadelphians in Milton Keynes (UK), including special events

Christadelphian resources:

Seven Reasons to Believe the Bible

An online book about seven reasons to believe the Bible. There has never been a better time than now to prove that there is undeniable evidence that the Bible is God’s word.

Dawn Book Supply

Purchase books on various topics, such as “The Fruit of the Spirit”

Bible UK

A site with great articles and information about the Bible

Delph Radio

Delph Radio broadcasts an uplifting blend of Christian music and words, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The broadcast includes hymns, as well as contemporary music, poetry and short articles from the “Absolute Bible Beginners” series.

Bible Maroc

Making an appeal to questioning Muslims