You may find the Bible difficult to understand, or you are confused by different views and opinions. Some Bible versions may be easier to understand but may also change or conceal the original meaning. There are many topics in the Bible that need to be clearly understood, otherwise the real message in the Bible gets lost.

Unfortunately, the writers of the Bible are no longer here to explain what they meant! And since the time the Bible was written, other meanings to some Bible words and topics have been developed or suggested.

To solve these problems the original Hebrew and Greek words sometimes need to be examined and understood.

Rediscover the meaning

The only safe way to rediscover what the original writers really meant when they wrote about subjects like baptism, the devil or the soul, is to use the Bible itself to give the true meaning. After all, the Bible makes the claim that God was the author and the men who wrote the Bible were only writing down the things God wanted them to write.
So, if we use the Bible to explain itself, rather than rely on other things that have been said or written, we will be sure to get God’s original meaning.

Not a replacement for the Bible

This Lexicon doesn’t replace the Bible, but it should help Bible readers understand the Bible correctly by pointing out the various places in the Bible that provide clear explanations of what various words and topics mean. It also draws attention to some subjects, like the promises God has made, that are often overlooked by Bible-readers today.
So, if a word or topic in the Bible is not too clear or is new to you, this Lexicon should help.

If you have a question

If you are still unclear about something you have read in the Bible, why not send us your question? We can then put together another entry in this Lexicon to give you the Bible’s answer. Please send your question to: