Join us online for our Summer 2024 Livestream Series!

We’ll be looking at Reasons to Believe, focussing on the fundamentals of why the Christian message is something you can take to heart.

We’ll be broadcasting on most Sundays in June and July, starting at 17.00.


Here’s our programme:

9 June: The Origin of Life with Joel

16 June: Archaeological Reasons with James

23 June: A Consistent Message with Tim

30 June: The Flood Story with Paul

7 July: Belief Forged in Prophecy with Matt S

14 July: The Chosen People with Matt O

21 July: The Historical Jesus with Dave

28 July: The Hope it Gives Us with Alan


How to access this series:

It’s really easy! Just go to

This will take you directly to the next stream in the series on YouTube. You don’t need to sign up to anything – it’s totally free, and we don’t collect your details.