The Bible is the best place to learn exactly what the first Christians were taught by Jesus, what they believed and what they then preached to others. That’s because – with the passage of time – that original message has often been changed, or lost altogether.

But finding out where to look in the Bible for information on a particular subject can be quite difficult at times. With this ‘Bible Ready Reference’, it’s easy to turn up many useful verses that show exactly what the Bible really teaches. You can then make up your own mind about what to believe.

Topics covered

This is a selection of the topics covered in this handy leaflet:

  • Bible inspiration
  • The nature of God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit
  • The origin of sin, evil and wickedness
  • What the soul can and cannot do
  • God’s Promises and the Gospel
  • The return of Jesus Christ to the earth

This Ready Reference is small enough to tuck into your Bible or store with your PC, phone or tablet.

There are 30 important topics covered in this leaflet. Each topic has a list of the chapters & verses in the Bible that, taken all together, will help you clearly understand the Bible’s true message for yourself. Or use this Ready Reference to ‘mark-up’ your own Bible and see what the first Christians read and believed.

Download The Bible Ready Reference: