The miracle of his birth

The birth of Jesus was a miracle. His conception was brought about by the power of God, the Holy Spirit. He had a human mother, Mary, but his father was God, not Joseph.

His birth was greeted with joy by the angels in heaven, and with rejoicing on earth by those men and women who had anticipated his coming. There are many Bible references

[1] that show:

  • that he was to be a saviour for those condemned to death through sin
  • that he would show the character and purpose of God to men and women through his life and teachings
  • that he would ultimately rule God’s Kingdom on earth.

He was born at a time of God’s choosing [2] in fulfilment of promises and prophecies given thousands of years before and recorded in the Old Testament. After his resurrection, Jesus confirmed this to the disciples on the road to Emmaus and to the eleven gathered at Jerusalem [3].

Son of man

Although Jesus was conceived by the power of God, he had the same nature as all men and was subject to trial and temptation like everybody else.[4] . He could have sinned but he chose not to, even though he had a nature that prompted him to sin. So he was able to tell his enemies that he had never sinned. [5] .

This victory over sin, this complete obedience to the will of God, was not something that was easily achieved [6] . The Lord Jesus Christ was the only one who could say he always did what God wanted him to do [7] , even laying down of his life on the cross.

There is an Old Testament principle, established in Eden, that without the shedding of blood there can be no remission of sin. This principle was confirmed in the Passover when Israel came out of Egypt. In the same way when Christ was crucified, he was a sacrifice for our sins. [11]

Because he was a human being just like everyone else, but never sinned, he was able to be the perfect sacrifice for sin for all men and women.

Our Saviour Jesus Christ

The Lord Jesus was always aware of the responsibility that he carried and what lay ahead – death on the cross. His knowledge of Old Testament passages about his betrayal and suffering [8] must have been a heavy burden to carry. Yet he did not turn from the path set out before him [9] . Twice Matthew records that he tried to make his disciples aware of the suffering, death and resurrection he was to experience [10] .

Jesus finished the work that God had set him to do. It was his complete obedience to the will of his heavenly Father that made his sacrifice acceptable and his resurrection sure. He has made eternal life possible for men and women by overcoming sin and death. [12]

Son of God and King of kings

All the gospels record that Jesus was the Son of God [13] . Because he was born by the power of God, he was the Son of God, and had the strength to overcome his human nature [14]. As God’s Son he had a desire to hear and obey his Father [15] . Because of his claim to Divine Sonship, the Jews tried to stone him [16] . His confession that he was the Son of God was used as grounds for condemning him to death [17] .

But God raised Jesus to life again after his crucifixion and gave him “a name which is above every name” [18] . Jesus is now “set down at the right hand of the throne of God” (Heb. 12:2) waiting for the day when he will rule as king over God’s kingdom.

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