life raft in the seaSomebody once said that you will never find atheists on a life raft. This is another way of saying that when people are in desperate situations, they cannot afford to leave God out of their reckoning.

The stark fact is that we are all in a desperate situation, always. In these days of wars, terrorism, disasters, disease, famine and terrible hardship for many people, life is more uncertain than ever before.

Doubts creep in

Some people say they cannot believe in a God who lets all these things happen. Others say there is no evidence for the existence of God, or they prefer to leave ‘religion’ out of their lives.

But if you feel a need for God in your life, or you just want to understand what ‘Christianity’ is all about, exploring this site will help you decide for yourself whether believing what’s written in the Bible is something you want to do.


Christians started believing and following Jesus Christ almost 2000 years ago, and they were glad that they did. It helped them understand why they are here and what God has in store for the world he created “in the beginning”.

The word “Christian” was used first as a derisive nickname for the followers of Jesus Christ {Acts 11:26}. But it’s a name that has stuck and has now become a way to describe a person who belongs to any of the various branches of Christianity.

Unfortunately, Christianity is now a very ‘broad church’, with “Christians” today  holding a wide range of different beliefs and practices – unlike the first followers of Christ 2000 years ago.  To understand what was originally meant by the term “Christian”, we need to turn back the clock and find out what that ‘nickname’ was originally used to describe.