Winding path over the Yorkshire Moors
Some people are ‘born leaders’, while others are more comfortable following along behind.  Both sorts of people have a place in a balanced society. Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly difficult these days to see anyone who can really command our respect.

As a result, many people feel lost, without a worth-while ‘role-model’ on which to base their own life and our path through life is full of twists and turns.  Those in authority, who may seem trustworthy, often turn out to have ‘feet of clay’.  

Without agreed moral standards to live by any more, the society we live in is becoming unpredictable, even intolerable, and starting to fall apart.

Fortunately, Christianity is not simply a set of doctrines that need to be understood.  It also provides a reliable ‘pattern’ on which to build our own lives,  giving life that shape and purpose that everybody needs.  That pattern was lived out in the life of Jesus Christ and it’s available for us to follow.

Like a jigsaw, we can piece together that pattern with the help of the Bible and the items below.

  • Two stone figures. one male and one female, on a black background.

Male and female

Most people know whether they are either 'male' or 'female'. But for some the situation is not so clear. Whether for biological or psychological reasons, they have a problem clearly identifying their gender. In which

  • View of St Paul's from the Millennium Bridge

Many sparrows

Thousands of visitors come to London to admire the grand architecture. But keeping the outside of the buildings clean is a problem - because of all the sparrows that try to roost on the walls!!

  • Marathon runners pictured from above

Something more valuable

Anyone who has seen a graph of world record times will understand why athletics is considering a bold proposal. Steady improvement across the sport has clearly been altered by the development of anti-doping tests. In

  • Anti-doping protesters with a protest banner

Striving lawfully

The Olympic Games in Rio have come and gone. But like many sporting events before and since, those Olympics were tarnished by doping, with individual athletes and even whole national teams being banned from competing

  • A bunch of bright red poppies


Very few people alive today can remember the ‘Great War’ of 1914-18. Even grandparents may be too young to remember World War II. Sadly, the names listed on war memorials are unknown to most of

  • Stones seats and large running of ancient Greece track

Many winners!

The Olympic Games started a week ago in Brazil with the prospect of three weeks of non-stop sports coverage across the media. Even if our interest is slight, we cannot ignore the Olympics and it