Volume 30 No.4

In this issue:

  • Bible symbols – The water of life

Water is essential for all life and without it plants and animals will soon die. Water makes up a significant portion of all living beings. Given the importance of water, it is no wonder that the Bible, God’s message to mankind, uses water to illustrate many lessons about God’s plan of salvation.

  • Basic Bible teaching – The Fall of Man

The exact phrase ‘the fall of man’ does not appear in the Bible but it aptly describes a most important turning point in the history of mankind and God’s plan and purpose with His creation. The entire narrative of the Bible is about how God has been working out His plan for men and women to be reconciled to Him.

  • Comment – Bells and Pomegranates

The use of small bells attached to clothing seems to be part of many folk traditions throughout the world, usually associated with music and dancing and celebration of all kinds.  The ‘pomegranates’ appear to have been small balls of fabric in rich colours, each probably suspended from a thread attached to the hem. Archaeologists discovered a tiny bell in a drainage channel just outside the walls of Jerusalem, a tiny link in the great chain of evidence that supports the Bible narrative and confirms the Jews’ presence in their land and the existence of their temple 2,000 years ago.

  • The Bible stands the test of time – The Romans

This article continues the series that’s been running through previous issues of Light magazine. These articles demonstrate the fulfilment of God’s declared purpose by looking briefly at the Roman Empire, its role in the ancient world, what happened to it after it broke up and its living legacy in today’s world.

  • Signs of the times – Linking the news with the Bible

This article explains how a prophecy in Daniel can be viewed in the context of world affairs today.   Many people find the news frightening, but this prophecy shows that we don’t have to be anxious about the terrible things that are happening in our world. God is in control. Jesus will return.

  • Important Bible Words – Tabernacle and Church

Both these words occur many times in the Bible to describe places where religious services took place and people could meet together to worship God. In the Christian era we are given the provision of assembling around God’s Word, the Bible. The location is not important.

  • From the editor – The secret to everlasting life

The title of this editorial is taken from a recent article in a UK national newspaper headed ‘how Silicon Valley billionaires claim they’ve discovered the secret to everlasting life’. But true Christians are convinced that their search will be fruitless because there is only one place to find the secret of immortality, and that’s in God’s Word the Bible.

  • God’s time – and how to use our time wisely

For many years the concept of time has exercised the minds of great scientists like Albert Einstein, and it is still the subject of debate. The Bible demonstrates that historically, and into the future, there is a divine timetable. During our short lives we have but a limited time frame in which to study the Bible and recognise God’s promise that life can be forever, if we use our time and opportunity wisely.

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