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With or without a crystal ball, knowing for certain what will happen to us in the future is an impossible task.  For good or ill, things sometimes happen ‘out of the blue’, taking us completely by surprise.

In some respects, it’s better to take one day at a time and not worry about what tomorrow will bring.  After all, tomorrow may never come!

While the Bible is not written as ‘history in advance’, it does contain some predictions about the future that have proved to be true.  For that reason alone the Bible is worth reading if we wonder what the tomorrow might hold, because some of its predictions will most certainly affect our future.

But above all the Bible is full of hope!  It’s like a light shining in a dark place.  That’s because it tells us that God has a plan for the world he created.  He intends to change it completely from the world we know today into something far better.

God plans to mend this broken world.  That’s his promise!

Further details about our hope for the future are given below.

SPECIAL ISSUE: Light on Bible Prophecy

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