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With or without a crystal ball, knowing for certain what will happen to us in the future is an impossible task.  For good or ill, things sometimes happen ‘out of the blue’, taking us completely by surprise.

In some respects, it’s better to take one day at a time and not worry about what tomorrow will bring.  After all, tomorrow may never come!

While the Bible is not written as ‘history in advance’, it does contain some predictions about the future that have proved to be true.  For that reason alone the Bible is worth reading if we wonder what the tomorrow might hold, because some of its predictions will most certainly affect our future.

But above all the Bible is full of hope!  It’s like a light shining in a dark place.  That’s because it tells us that God has a plan for the world he created.  He intends to change it completely from the world we know today into something far better.

God plans to mend this broken world.  That’s his promise!

Further details about our hope for the future are given below.

Immortal Life

The date 1 August 2020 marked the centenary of the birth of Loretta Pleasant, an African American woman, in Virginia, USA. In a tumultuous and eventful year, where virtually every part of the world has

  • Two stone figures. one male and one female, on a black background.

Male and female

Most people know whether they are either 'male' or 'female'. But for some the situation is not so clear. Whether for biological or psychological reasons, they have a problem clearly identifying their gender. In which

  • The destructive result of a recent earthquake in Italy

A God of love?

Although we might often worry about our civilisation’s potential to destroy the planet (see: The most dangerous moment), we easily forget that the planet also has an untamed ability to destroy civilisation too. For example, the

  • Planet Earth rises up over the Moon's horizon

The most dangerous moment

In a recent article for The Guardian newspaper, Prof.Stephen Hawking made the following statement: “We are at the most dangerous moment in the development of humanity. We now have the technology to destroy the planet

  • A bunch of bright red poppies


Very few people alive today can remember the ‘Great War’ of 1914-18. Even grandparents may be too young to remember World War II. Sadly, the names listed on war memorials are unknown to most of

  • The fin of a shark just above the water

Eternal life!

A remarkable discovery was recently reported in the journal Science which was welcomed by those searching for the secrets of longer life. Gliding through arctic waters was a shark that was about 400 years old!