Volume 29 No.4

Featured in this issue:

  • Signs of the times we live in

There are many passages in the Bible that seem to describe the world we live in now…and also what we can expect to happen in the near future.

  • The Bible stands the test of time

For centuries the ancient Syrian Empire lay buried under the sand, but archaeologists have recently found the names of ancient kings only previously known from the Bible. 

  • A strong delusion

The internet has made it very easy to spread ‘fake news’ world-wide at the click of a button, with very dangerous and worrying consequences.

  • War, terrorism & violence

Every day we are bombarded with depressing news from around the world, which makes the ‘good news’ in the Bible even more attractive and necessary.

  • Forgiveness

The Bible reveals to us a God who is essentially loving and forgiving towards His children and tells us that this is an example that we must all try to follow.

Also in this issue:

  • From our mailbag: Sibling rivalry and family conflict

  • From the Editor: Explaining the name ‘Christadelphians’


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