Volume 29 No.3

Featured in this issue:

  • Signs of the times we live in

Bad news dominates the media and governments seem unable, or unwilling, to solve world problems. So what does the future hold for us all?

  • The Bible stands the test of time

Archaeologists have found more evidence that helps to confirm that the Bible is accurate and can be trusted.

  • Drugs and alchohol

The Bible has a clear and helpful message for us all about the abuse of drugs and the need to restrict how much alchohol that we drink.

  • What did Jesus mean?: ‘He who has seen me has seen the Father’

We can learn a lot about God from a study of the life and character of Jesus Christ, God’s son.

  • Cave rescue in Thailand

The dramatic rescue of twelve boys and their football coach, out of a deep cave in Thailand, is a reminder of our own ‘rescue’ from sin and death!

  • The Creation

It’s impossible to prove that Creation is a fact. But there is very strong evidence that it’s true, which helps us trust the Bible and its message of hope for the future.

Also in this issue:

  • From our mailbag: Does God have a soul?

  • Comment: The story of the chicken and the egg


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