Volume 30 No.1

Featured in this issue:

  • Signs of the times we live in

When the King of Babylon had a dream about 2,500 years ago, he saw a vision about events that are now soon to happen and which will fix the world’s problems completely.

  • The Bible stands the test of time

Abundant archaeological evidence about ancient Babylon confirms the accuracy of the Bible’s record, giving us every reason to trust all the Bible and the ‘good news’ it contains.

  • The Pride of the Peacock

When Darwin looked at the peacock’s dramatic display of feathers he realised that it posed a real problem for his theory of evolution, a problem that gets bigger the closer you look!

  • What did Jesus mean?

To understand exactly what Jesus meant when he said that “the kingdom of heaven is at hand”, we need to look carefully at the words he used and at other Bible references.

  • Basic Bible teaching

According to the Bible, the Holy Spirit was given to a group of people 2000 years ago. What is the Holy Spirit and what does the Bible tell us about that gift today?

Also in this issue:

  • From the Editor: The origin of Easter

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