Our groups are known as ecclesias, and they usually meet each week for communion services. These services centre on taking bread and wine (the symbols of Christ’s sacrifice). We would often refer to such a session as the “breaking of bread”, as this is the main focus.

Around this focal point, the services are simple, but also include prayers, Bible readings and music (usually hymns). You can read more about the first breaking of bread in Matthew 26.

A typical time of the week would be Sunday mornings, but we do not insist that these services are held on Sundays.

Most Christadelphian ecclesias do not worship in anything that looks like a typical church. Occasionally, buildings do bear resemblance to a chapel, usually because that was a previous use under another group. We carry out services in a variety of venues, including our own buildings, hired halls and even homes (for smaller groups). What matters to us is the community of believers, known as “brothers and sisters”, who form the true church in the name of Jesus Christ.

We also hold a significant number of other spiritual events, including Bible study groups, youth events, livestreamed talks and exhibitions. Our overall numbers are small, but we do our best to reach out to our community, with several annual residential events in different countries. For those outside our organisation, we aim to live up to the command of loving our neighbours. Many Christadelphians volunteer, donate to charity or visit less privileged areas to provide humanitarian support.