Christadelphian worship and other spiritual functions are usually organised by individual ecclesias. However, for larger events, there will also be liaison with other ecclesias (both nationally and internationally).

We do not have paid clergy or any form of spiritual hierarchy amongst members. Services are led by many of our brothers, taking it in turns to act as “lay preachers”.

The basis for this can be found in Hebrews 10:19-25.

There are various committees and teams which serve the community  – for example, outreach work in areas facing poverty; management of finance and donations; and various aspects of communications, like our internal magazines or this website. Committee members are volunteers, including secretaries and representatives.

A very small proportion of the Christadelphian community will be employed in delivering services to our members. These are not spiritual leaders. Examples of services include our care homes (which, depending on local requirements, may also be open to elderly people outside our group).

Christadelphian ecclesias are grouped into fellowships, which vary in size. Some Christadelphian fellowships may only have a few members, but others reach well into the tens of thousands.