We have a new livestream series from mid September to mid October 2023, looking at conversations about God.

Why do Christians want to talk to you about faith in God? What’s the purpose? What can you get out of it? All of these things have probably crossed your mind while having a conversation about faith in the past.

It’s our aim to humanise these conversations, because while they are between people, sometimes they seem abstract or difficult to understand. If you have had a difficult experience with religion, they may seem daunting. Maybe you’ve decided it’s just not for you. But none of this should need to be the case.

As we progress through our series, we want to look at the reason these conversations which should happen, which is to share the lifesaving hope found in the Bible, which is the message sent by God for the benefit of humanity. It tells us why things can be imperfect and what needs to change, but more interestingly, how this can happen.

It may feel like hope hasn’t really cropped up in your conversations so far. We want to show you that there is something better, no matter how life might feel now. This is not the end point of the state of humankind. It’s barely even the beginning, and there is so much that will be improved.

During our series, we’ll also be looking at how a deep-seated faith can help others around you, and what will happen when this plan is revealed to the whole world more dramatically as part of the plan of change. It’s not a plan which human beings have made, nor one which they control the timings of – it’s the plan of God for a time which He has set. There is only one goal: bringing people closer to perfection than they could ever humanly dream possible.

10 September: Unstoppable: The mission of the early believers spreading the Gospel

17 September: Did we interrupt? Why Christians preach

24 September: Closer to home: How families can react to a message of faith

1 October: Can you save a life? How your faith could help others

8 October: The whole world will be talking

Our streams will take place each Sunday at 5pm UK time. Click here to access the next one!