We’re excited to announce our upcoming Autumn 2022 exhibition. Set in the striking Bourne Hall in Ewell, we will be presenting the Historic Bible Collection in a new immersive event.

The view from a drone soaring above a forest

A still image from the immersive footage in our exhibition

Usually kept in East Anglia, some of these Bibles are only seen in public a few times a year, and will be visiting Surrey for two Saturdays – 5 and 12 November. The exhibition will be open between 10am and 4pm on both days.

The collection charts the progress of Bible translation, printing and distribution, from ancient times to the exit from the Middle Ages, and then through to the 19th, 20th and 21st Centuries.

A finger points at a passage within one of the Geneva Bibles in the collection

A Geneva Bible – one of many fascinating volumes within the Historic Bible Collection

The exhibition will feature the premiere of a new documentary which soars above the South-East of England, dropping in on experts who explain the message of some of the key translations. Shot entirely on location by a specialist team from the1way, the inspiring footage will help viewers understand why the path of the Bible’s message is so important.

The most notable volumes include two Geneva Bibles and a Luther Bible, as well as other historic artefacts. However, audiences will also be able to explore and read facsimiles held in the comprehensive collection. These replicas include a vast print of the Isaiah Scroll and several stunning presentation copies of well-known translations.

The Historic Bible Collection will be open for free, with no need to book. You will be able to find the event in the Rose Room, with the entrance opposite the library in the Bourne Hall. Join us!