A truly remarkable dream

The builder of Babylon, King Nebuchadnazzar II (605-562 B.C.), had a remarkable dream described in the Bible.  The dream was prophetic, describing how a series of empires would come and go with the passage of time.  History has shown that part of the dream to be true!

The messages in the dream are important:

– a message that looked forward across the whole span of human history to an astonishing climax.
– a message preserved for a reason, and as important today as when it was given 2,500 years ago

The climax of the dream anticipates the replacement of all the governments of the world by a single government over which God’s son, Jesus Christ, sits as king.

Using various indicators, elsewhere in the Bible we are told that this worldwide government is now very close indeed.  So, if most of the dream has already come true it’s only reasonable to suppose that the last part will happen too.

(Total Duration – Parts 1&2: 19 minutes)