Medical centres are being set up in some English hospitals to gather and analyse DNA samples from 100,000 people within three years, in order to develop new tests and drugs.  According to doctors, this new project will focus on patients with cancer and rare genetic diseases and could help “unlock a series of secrets about devastating diseases”.

Cancer patients will have the genetic code of their healthy tissue compared to the genetic code inside their tumour. A giant game of spot-the-difference will then take place to identify the precise changes in DNA that are causing the tumour.

Similarly, for those suffering from genetic diseases, by comparing the genetic code of those patients with the genetic code of their parents and grandparents, it may be possible to spot the mistakes in the three billion pairs of letters that make up their faulty DNA.

Uncommon mistakes

Our genes contain the ‘plans’ for the ‘building blocks’ out of which living things are made. There are plans there as well for all the various ‘chemicals’ that make living things work.

There is a copy of our genetic code – our “genes” – in every one of the millions of cells in our body. But new cells are being produced all the time to help us grow and to replace cells that are lost. So our genes need to be copied millions of times throughout our life. Fortunately, when our genes are copied, mistakes and changes are uncommon.

So, for most people their genes guarantee that their bodies are healthy and stay that way for many years. However, if faulty genes are inherited from parents, or the genes in some cells get damaged, then we get ill in various ways.

And new copies of our genes cannot be made for ever. Rather like shoe-laces, eventually our genes get ‘frayed at the ends’ and cannot be used any more. Worn-out cells don’t get replaced or they stop working, so we start to look old and eventually we die.

But where did those ‘plans’ come from?

Many people have suggested answers to that question, but none of those answers seems reasonable, except one.

The genetic code inside DNA is like the programming code that makes computers work. A mistake in that code stops a computer working properly and without that code computers don’t work at all.

And computers don’t build themselves, or work without the instructions people put into them. Computers have ‘built-in intelligence’ that comes from the people who designed and built them.

Living cells are no different, except that the genetic code is far more complicated than any computer code that has ever been written. And genetic code is useless unless the cell already has the ‘machinery’ to read it, copy it and use it. However, the ‘plans’ for that ‘machinery’ are also inside the genetic code!

Now that those ‘plans’ can be read and understood not only helps doctors cure diseases, it also unlocks the secret about how life itself started.

An open secret!!

Many scientists now see that the theory of evolution cannot explain how the complex information stored inside DNA came to exist. It can’t have been written by ‘natural selection’. It must have been put there ‘ready made‘ when life began. Life must have been intelligently designed!!

The Bible does not claim to be a ‘science textbook’, but it clearly says that life began when “God said” it should! The Bible helps answer the question about how life started, revealing God as a source of supreme wisdom and intelligence.

The Bible tells us the cause of disease and death:

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord (Romans 6:23 NIV)

It also tells us that Jesus is coming back to our world, to bring an end to all the problems and diseases that now plague our planet.

It says it’s going to happen soon. It’s an open secret!