Do you believe everything you read or hear in the news?  Probably not, if you are wise!  The facts sometimes get lost or changed.  But if you see something happen yourself, or watch a news-clip, you usually ‘believe what you see’.

Seeing the force of the recent storms in action, it’s hardly surprising the damage that has been caused to property and the dangers to life itself.  Winds and waves normally only experienced far out to sea have been hitting the UK shores, destroying homes, businesses and sinking boats.  And inland anyone unwise enough to venture out in the hurrican-force winds have seen massive trees and roofs lifted into the air as if they were feathers!  Overloaded rivers have burst their banks and flooded thousands of homes.  Clearing up afterwards will take months, if not years, and cost a small fortune.

With so much to watch and see in the news, nobody doubts that these storms have happened and done so much damage. Forecasters could see it all coming, but all that most people could do was wait for the storms and gales to pass.  We are all so powerless when faced with ‘nature in the raw’.

But how would we feel if we now read about somebody who showed he had the ability to do amazing things, even calm down winds and waves?  And what if there were others who had seen him do it?

You can read all about it in Mark 4:36-41.  The account ends with the statement:

“And they feared exceedingly, and said one to another, What manner of man is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him”

True, none of us were there to see this happen for ourselves.  But some of those men who were there at the time were so sure about what happened that they were willing to face torture and death rather than deny the evidence of their own eyes.  That’s not the actions of men who had doubts!

Reason enough, surely, for us to believe too?