Experts in China have successfully landed a spacecraft on the moon.  Even though the US managed to land men on the moon some years ago, this is still an amazing achievement.  It clearly demonstrates a detailed knowledge of all the necessary facts and a remarkable level of technological excellence.

The spacecraft – called ‘Rabbit’ by the way – will be used to analyse and report on the conditions to be found on the surface of the moon, information that will be gathered during its stay and sent back to scientists in China.

Accurate predictions

For the success of this project it would of course have been necessary to accurately predict the location and movement of the moon – a moving target.  A tremendously difficult task, made even more difficult by the fact that the earth is moving too!

But it seems that such accurate predictions are relatively commonplace these days.  For centuries men have been able to predict the times of the daily tides, publishing ‘Tide Timetables’ in great detail and with absolute confidence.  Given the fact that the movement of the earth and the moon govern the tides, even this task would be impossible if the movements of the earth and the moon were not very precise and predictable.

A ‘clockwork’ world

Which all serves to remind us how our world works ‘like clockwork’, seemingly governed by precise rules and laws that have operated since the beginning of time.

Everything, from the smallest item we see under a microscope to the distant images from space seen by powerful telescopes, shout aloud that nothing is random or happened by chance.

How did all this happen?

God gives us an answer in the Bible, in the closing chapters of the book of Job, when he is presented with the wonders of Creation.  Faced with numerous questions regarding our world and how it works, this was Job’s reply to God:

“I know that you can do everything, and that no thought can be hidden from you.”  (Job 42:2)

Faced with the facts about the amazing world we live in, can we find a better answer?