When you stop to think about it, each of us is just like this new high-tech recycling centre!

For example, using just a single bin, we can now have our local council collect almost everything we throw into it – glass, paper, metal, cardboard, packaging, plastic – all mixed up together. Then the centre sorts it all out and recycles it!!  Empty cartons eventually become new clothes, old wires become new spoons. And so it goes on, day after day, bin after bin. The recycling centre ‘eats’ it all.

But in much the same way, we eat and drink anything that takes our fancy – vegetables, fruit, cakes, meat, cereals, water, beer – and our bodies sort it all out.  Before too long, almost all that food becomes ‘building-blocks’ for new parts and processes in our body. Out of our digested dinners come the proteins, sugars, fats, vitamins and minerals needed to keep us fit and healthy. And it all happens inside us without any effort by us at all.

So, why do we often marvel at high-tech recycling plants, built using amazing technology and at great expense, yet ignore the ‘technology’ inside us all, supposing that it all came about by chance? Whereas, in fact, our digestive and metabolic systems inside us are far more complicated than anything designed and built to recycle our rubbish!

The more scientists discover about how our bodies work, the more certain I am that the concept of divine creation is not ‘all rubbish’ as some people say, and relying on ‘evolution’ to explain such complexity is absurd.

For instance, if parts breaks at the recycling centre, it cannot make its own new parts, so the process grinds to a halt. But our bodies can…and do, day after day, for years on end.

But, as we know, life does not go on for ever. Eventually repairing our broken bodies becomes an impossible task, so the ‘recycling’ stops and we die. In the Bible we find the reason why:

“Just as sin entered the world through one man (Adam), and death through sin, and in this way death came to all men, because all sinned.” (Romans 5:12 NIV)

However, death need not be the end of the story. After all, why wouldn’t God want his creation to go on for ever? What’s to stop him planning a far better future for us all?

Which he has! You can read all about it in the Bible, including Romans 5.

But some people say they don’t want anything to do with God’s plans. Again, they say they are ‘all rubbish’. Does that include you?

Next time you eat something, why not thank God for putting it on your plate to begin with? Then praise him for creating such a marvellous thing as ‘life’ itself.

And put Darwin’s Theory of Evolution where it belongs – in the bin!!