I expect all of us have seen pictures of soldiers wearing leaves on their helmets to disguise them from the enemy. But no one would say that because this added protection would increase a soldier’s chance of survival, then in time and by chance all soldiers would gradually sprout leaves on their heads!

Yet this is the evolutionist’s explanation for the “perfect camouflage” (as one writer puts it) of the leafy sea dragon, a large type of sea horse found in the waters off Australia. They are some of the most ornately camouflaged creatures on the planet. They have thin, leaf-shaped appendages over their entire bodies, that makes them blend perfectly with the seaweed formations amongst which they live.

These distinctive leaf-like protrusions have no function other than camouflage. But they do give the appearance of seaweed, and this helps to deceive those that would find the sea dragon a tasty morsel.  It’s also a disguise that hides it from the very small crustaceans that this strange creature likes to eat.

Unlike other sea animal it does no move by using its tail or normal fins. Instead it has a couple of flimsy, almost transparent, fins (too fine to appear in the picture) that oscillate to gently waft it through the water.

The leafy sea dragon has absolutely no means of protection from its predators apart from this spectacular camouflage. It has no poison, no speed to escape, no mouth with which to attack, and it poses no threat. Even the eyes are camouflaged consistently with the markings on the face.

The theory of evolution asserts that over ages of time it gradually developed this essential camouflage to escape its predators. And such changes would have come about only by a series of accidental variations. But how could it have survived before it had, by chance alone, developed the camouflage.  Without it those “primitive” ancestors would have had no possibility of survival whatever.

The perfection of this camouflage is an obvious example of a life form that could never have evolved. The leafy sea dragons have always been leafy sea dragons, and their designer and creator is God. Those who swim in the sea off Australia have this privilege:

“They (see) the works of the Lord, his wonderful deeds in the deep.” (Psalm 107:24)