Imagine that every sin you ever committed is forgiven – that every wrong you ever did, said or thought is forgiven – gone completely.

Imagine, too, that everything good you ever failed to do has been forgotten – wiped clean.

And while you’re about it, imagine that every single flaw in your character has been made allowance for – it won’t be held against you.

Now, don’t just imagine all that, but go to God in prayer for it, and then believe it and feel it with every fibre of your being. Because this cleansing of all unrighteousness is open to us all (1 John 1. 9).

Oh, there is something thing you need to do in return for all this, though – well, before all this actually. Sincerely forgive everyone else as completely as you want to be forgiven yourself (Matthew 6. 14-15).

Forgive everyone with as much compassion and understanding as you know you need from God. No holding back. Get rid of every scrap of ill-will or resentment or anger you might feel toward anyone.

You can actually forgive and forget.

Of course you can’t forget what’s been done, because it’s there with all your other memories, but you can forget to be unforgiving about it. You can forget to be resentful or angry. And then you can go to God with your own needs.

There, now, doesn’t that feel better!