We all need to have faith at least as big as a mustard seed, which is one the smallest seeds. Anything smaller than that and faith would be near extinct.

So, even those who reckon their faith is tiny will surely concede they have at least mustard-seed sized faith. But in that case, why can’t we all move mountains? Not that moving mountains is a very practical thing to do. Unless you’re an engineer who plans and builds railways mountains are never really in your way, never need moving. We know the expression ‘moving mountains’ means doing amazing things, things that might seem impossible for us.

Okay, now we’re back with almost the original question. With faith at least the size of a mustard seed, why can’t we all do amazing, seemingly impossible things?

The reason is that it isn’t the size of mustard-seed faith that’s so important; it’s the potential. Jesus chose the mustard seed to illustrate his point because it’s small but has great potential. This tiny seed can grow into a sizeable plant, as big as a bush or small tree.

We can have faith the size of a mustard seed but which is dormant. So if or when your faith seems small, check whether it’s simply dormant or is a mustard seed ready to grow. If it’s small but dormant, wake it up and allow it to grow. You’ll do something like move a mountain some day. And the mountain you move might even be the smallness of your faith.