If what you’re planning to do is not what you’re doing already, then you’re probably not going to do it. That sounds a little nonsensical, I know, and needs some explanation.

What it means is that if, say, you plan to pray more regularly, introduce a new good habit or break a bad one, then unless you’re doing something about it today you probably won’t be doing anything about it tomorrow.

The secret to making good changes in life is to start them now. Don’t wait.

Of course, we’re talking about things of the inner spiritual life here. You often have to plan for things on your business, domestic and social calendars, and there’s often no way you can do anything about them until nearer the time. But when it comes to spiritual improvement, don’t just make a plan, make a start.

For a parable about some people who ignored the dangers of putting important spiritual improvements off until it’s too late, but others acted immediately, see Matthew 25.1-13.  According to the parable:

“…five of them were foolish, and five were wise…”  (Matthew 25:3)

Which are you?