God can do anything. But that doesn’t mean He will. He has the knowledge and power to do whatever we ask Him, but we know from experience that He doesn’t do it.

Why? Because He has the superior wisdom to know what’s best, of course.

But there are two other reasons (at least!). And these are things we actually have the power to do something about. We’re told in Psalm 78 that ancient Israel limited God.

“Yea, they… limited the Holy One of Israel” (v. 41).

They didn’t limit what God could do, of course, but what He would do for them. Israel limited God in two ways, and we can do the same.

Firstly they limited what He would do for them. Secondly they limited what He would do through them.

And lack of a positive faith was the root cause of both problems. They held negative beliefs about God (that He’d lead them into the wilderness to die, for example). They often turned to other gods for help, doubting His power or willingness to work for them. So they limited God.

And we are just as likely to get in the way of God’s help, limiting what He can do for us and through us. As when we don’t really expect the good outcomes we ask for. Or when we rely more on ourselves or others than God to make things happen. So we live less effective, spiritually stunted lives.

But positive faith and trust changes that –  because we get out of God’s way.