The human eye is a wonderful thing. Blind people think a lot more about eyes and sight than those with normal vision because it is common to take for granted the many blessings we enjoy and only think about the things we want and do not have.

Most of us are blessed with vision of some degree, yet we all possess what is commonly called blind spots. These are two areas located on the right and left side. An eye doctor can draw the exact size and shape of our blind spot by use of a curved black flannel board and a little pointer with a white dot on it. We can see above and below, in front and behind, but within these blind spots we cannot see a thing.

Spiritual blindspots

Now most natural things have a spiritual counterpart and this is true of our blind spots. A blind person cannot see at all. A normal person can see clearly in most areas but is also completely blind in two specific areas.

We all know extremely intelligent people who have a wonderful knowledge of mathematics or physics, who can explain the workings of intricate machinery, or who are diligent in business and skilful in some sport but who know nothing, absolutely nothing about the Bible and what’s more, they don’t want to.

Religion is their blind spot.

Developing our blind spots!

When we turn our hearts to God, we do not lose our natural blind spots, we just try and make ourselves become blind to different things. If we can only learn to become blind to the evil that is around us instead of focusing our eyes upon it, how wise we shall be. The lust of the eye is one of the three causes of sin and if we can only learn to have eyes for the things of God and not look upon evil, we shall avoid many of the pitfalls that make others fall.

Christians should not overlook what Jesus himself said about abusing the privilege of eyesight. In a passage about adultery Jesus indicated how serious the matter was. Even if we don’t take his suggestion literally, the lesson is clear:

“If your right eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away.” (Matthew 5:29)

Unfortunately our spiritual blind spots are not limited to evil things. Our blind spots can be those faults which we possess and others can see so clearly and we can’t see at all. We all have them, and if only we can learn to see them, then they won’t be spiritual blind spots any more.

We can change the position of our natural blind spots by turning our head or backing away to get a different slant on things. If only we will train our spiritual vision to compensate for our weaknesses we can avoid stumbling.

Biblical examples

Peter and Paul are outstanding examples of faithful followers of Christ who, at one time, both had a serious spiritual blind spot.

Peter’s trouble was he acted first and thought later! One minute he refuses to let Christ wash his feet and the next he wanted him to wash his hands and his head as well. One minute he pulls out his sword to defend Christ and the next he denies that he even knows him.

Paul, on the other hand, was originally so wrapped up in what he thought was right that he wouldn’t listen to reason. When confronted with the wisdom of Stephen he became violent and consented to Stephen’s death.

Both of these men were rescued from their blind spots by the Lord Jesus Christ.

We all need help

Jesus will also rescue us from our spiritual blind spots if we will but turn to him for help.

Jesus prayed especially for Peter that his faith fail not, and Peter was able to strengthen his companions as well. In the case of Paul, Christ personally appeared to him to convert him and it is interesting to notice that Paul was struck blind for a time. It seemed to take natural blindness to make Paul see spiritual things.

We all have blind spots. We all need to get busy pulling the beam out of our own eye so that we may see clearly. Jesus plainly teaches us that it is the beam in our eye that causes us trouble, not the mote in our brother’s eye. The trouble is that we can see faults in other people more easily than we can see our own!

We need to busy ourselves looking for the beams in our eyes so that we can remove the spiritual blind spots that cause us to stumble.