How can faith be anything but positive?  If you have it, it can only be a good thing, surely? You’d think so.

But there really is such a thing as negative faith. It happens when we believe in the coming Kingdom, but that we probably won’t be there. It happens when we believe in a loving God, but that He probably doesn’t love us.

This is faith alright, but with a negative twist. It occurs because we think we’re not good enough.

We’re absolutely right to think that, of course. If we think we really are good enough then we haven’t been paying attention! When faith turns negative, though, it’s because we’ve lost sight of grace.

God has already offered His grace; our salvation is about a decision to accept it, rather than write ourselves off because we’re not perfect.

The Bible uses the word “righteous” to describe those who are ‘right’ in God’s eyes.  And the Bible also tells us that “righteousness” is a quality God will give to everybody who have faith:

“This righteousness from God comes through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe.”  (Romans 3:22)

You can read Romans 3, 21-26 for a longer description of how this has happened!